Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Man: 1, woman: too many to count

My husband won. Since I have made every other decision regarding the house I decided to let him have this one. Plus, if I went with any other choice it would be next spring before they could start on it...and I just don't think I can wait any longer.

We have decided to go with this shingle.
I only hope it looks more like thisand less like this.

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Omar said...

Depending on what body color your house is, certain colors can complement or clash. That one picture you point out with the bright red brick most definitely clashes.

I have a bungalow color book somewhere and can't remember off the top of my head, but brown body almost always goes with brown roof, in contrasting intensities/tones. The brick on your home isn't really a pure red so you could probably get away with shingle color that might clash a bit more on a bright red brick. Looks like a blend of red, brown, & tan. That shingle isn't a pure brown, but seems to have a bit of a greyish blue sprinkled in there as a highlight. Depending on the trim color you go with, I think it'll look pretty nice. Maybe something in the muted blue-green spectrum?