Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two years and we're still at it

The union of my family’s wallet and our home took place two years ago this week…so, Happy Anniversary to us!

It is amazing how fast time has flown by and how little it seems we have accomplished, especially when looking at the ever-growing “To-Do” list. However, this house has come a long way since we first graced it with our presence. To commemorate this special day and to remind myself of our achievements, I thought I would post a few before-and-after pictures and a list of the unseen feats we have tackled. I am going to try hard not to concentrate on or even think about all we have left to do (not an easy thing to do) but rather bask in our triumphs.

The Living Room:

  • Pulled up carpet remnants that had been duct-taped to the floor only to find large gaping holes in the hardwood floors
  • Carefully pulled up random tile from in front of the fireplace
  • Stripped careless paint job evidence off woodwork
  • Painted
  • Patched holes, sanded and refinished wood floors

The Kitchen:

  • Completely gutted the entire thing
  • Added two new windows
  • Ripped down dropped ceiling and replaced sheetrock
  • Revamped all of the electrical and plumbing (it helps being married to a plumber)
  • Pulled up sheets of plywood that had been screwed into hardwood floors - again exposing holes
  • Patched holes, sanded and refinished hardwood floors
  • Opened up an entire wall and had it framed out to match the rest of the house
  • Added new cabinetry (which was stained and painted a couple of times) and granite countertops
  • Added canned lights and chandeliers
  • Painted trim, ceiling, and walls

Downstairs Spare Bath:

  • Sanded and Painted cabinets and beadboard for a temporary fix
  • Painted walls and ceiling

Dining Room:

  • Wall papered
  • Painted ceiling

Master Bedroom:

  • Painted walls

Downstairs Bedroom:

  • Stripped wallpaper and pulled down random shelves and clothes bars that hung in the room
  • Painted trim, ceiling and walls
  • Pulled the heat and AC unit out of closet and completely gutted the closet and are in the process of revamping it


  • Stained steps
  • Replaced spindles

Upstairs hallway:

  • Pulled up large red tiles
  • Sanded and refinished wood floors

Upstairs Bedrooms:

  • Stripped paint off original baseboards, window frames, and closet doors
  • Pulled up linoleum, plywood, and red tiles that had been attached to gorgeous Heart Pine floors beneath
  • Had floors patched, sanded and stained
  • Sanded and painted
  • Replaced windows - six in all (again, do not chastise me for my replacing the originals...POs replaced the other 50+ windows with vinyl ones that don't even resemble the originals at that - if I ever win the lottery, I will remedy this problem)

Behind the scenes:

  • New heat and AC units upstairs and downstairs with all new venting system
  • Rewired all electrical to a new breaker box
  • Hallways and back entrance and almost every ceiling has been painted
  • Collected doors to replace cheap hollow core doors previous owners had put in
  • Cleaned out crazy insulation that was in the attic/crawl spaces
  • Patched parts of roof


  • Planted a bed of hydrangeas
  • Planted some shrubs in front yard
  • Planted three trees
  • Started a new flower bed in side yard
  • Started ripping up crumbling concrete in front of shed (originally the garage, then the laundry room for the hospital

All photos posted on Flickr

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