Thursday, July 17, 2008

When did they close our case?

So, I think we are FINALLY making a little bit of headway on our insurance claim...good thing too, since it has only been a year since initially filed (can you sense my sarcasm yet?). Our insurance company has actually decided to reopen our case! Which is FABULOUS, especially since I wasn't even aware that it had been closed in the first place- although, that might just explain all of those phone calls that have gone unreturned for over three months.

Anyway, they are reopening it only after a local insurance agent (whom we don't even use - gotta love small town life) had his own roof adjuster come out and take a look at our roof; which coincidentally had been deemed "Damage Free" by our own insurance company, not once but three different times (see earlier post).

Friendly new roof adjuster guy's findings were quite different than that of our insurance company but were well in-line with what our roofer had found. Friendly new roofer guy said the roof was not only totaled but it didn't even meet some Oklahoma law - supposedly, all Oklahoma homes are to have roof decking...ours, shockingly, does not.

But that is the way this house seems to operate and here we are again at square one with our insurance claim...maybe this time the insurance company will actually get it right. The funniest part of the whole thing, if they find our roof worthy of replacing, is that now they will have to shell out even more money due to inflation over the past year...ha ha!

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