Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yay, Termites!

I was on my hands and knees the other day cleaning my beautiful hardwood floors (yes, that is my obsessive compulsiveness) when the palm of my hand punctured a hole in one of the pieces of wood. Upon further inspection of the floor I noticed little tiny bugs…ew, yuck. Just thinking about it makes me squeamish.

Even though I have never had any experience with termites nor do I even know what they are suppose to look like (remember, I am a city girl), for some odd reason I immediately thought “Termites!” Although I am not at all surprised by any of this, I am still upset - it just had to happen in a room where I already had the floors redone. Just chalk it up to another fortunate event that happens in the “Money Pit.”

Anyway, the next day I had two “bug men” come out to take a look around. The first “bug man” was from a highly reputable (translation: very expensive) bug company. The second was a man from town who owns his own little “ma & pa” company. The first wants to treat the entire house, which will cost thousands of dollars; and the latter wants to simply spot treat the effected area.

So, now I am left with the decision - do I want to trust the reputable company who may or may not know what they are talking about but will still charge me an arm-and-a-leg just because of their name; or do I go with the “ma & pa” company who again may or may not know what they are talking about but will charge me thousands less? Hmm? Any thoughts on this? Anyone?

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