Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walls of denim

After 10 months, I have FINALLY finished painting the walls in the boys’ playroom. I know, I know - 10 months is a long time to paint one room but so much has happened in that span of time to keep me from just taking the time to do it. Let the excuses begin: my ceiling downstairs caved in and we are still arguing with the insurance company; my second child was born (which is the main reason for it not getting finished in a more timely manner); we have taken a couple of long trips, and my husband works so hard, I hate throwing the boys on him on the weekend when all he wants to do is relax.

However, I ignored his exhaustion this weekend, handed the boys over and retreated to the upstairs playroom. I ended up doing the Ralph Lauren denim faux finish. I wasn’t sure about it because our walls are pretty heavily textured; and although it didn’t turn out exactly like the pages in their brochures, I kind of like it. It gives the room an antiqued casual look. I think once we get the book cases cut out, the window treatments installed and some furniture and a rug put in, my husband will end up liking it too.

The only complaints I have regarding the denim technique are that it is rather time consuming (not 10 month consuming but it does take at least 3 days) and when I peeled the tape off the ceiling, I found that the paint had bled under the tape (that is not really the techniques fault but rather the fault of the technique being done on textured walls). So now I have to paint the ceilings…something I had wanted to put off for a while. Maybe in another ten months I will report I have finished painting the ceiling. At this rate this house is never going to get done.

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