Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bending the rules

Since my husband told me we needed to "hold off" on projects concerning the house until the roof gets taken care of...I went to work in the yard, which is not technically the house - right?

At the beginning of the summer I started a flower bed in our side yard because at this point in time it is the only "yard" we have. Everything else consists of concrete and a very large carport (a problem that will be solved at a later date).

If I can offer up any piece of advice about building a large flower bed in an existing yard, it is this: rent a sod cutter! This is the coolest gadget I have ever used and it made building the bed so quick and easy. After using the sod cutter and rolling up the sod, we tilled the dirt and waited a few weeks to see if any other grass would pop-up. When it did, we simply got out the weed and grass killer and sprayed away. So after a few weeks our flower bed was ready.

We added manure and more dirt and got to planting: two Oleander trees, three Butterfly Bushes, 2 Lantanas, an Autumn Blaze Red Maple and a Chinese Pitache. The bed is far from being completed but it is a good start.
I had to post this now because my husband is planning on tearing up our yard over the weekend in order to run a new water line (I love being married to a plumber) and a french drain. So much for our "holding off" on new projects.


USANDCO said...

Melinda, have you ever seen "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"? It stars Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. If you haven't you need to track it down. When I read your blog I can't help but remember scenes from this funny movie. There is a priceless scene where Myrna Loy (Mrs. Blandings) is describing her paint choices to the builder and it was the first thing I thought of as I read your descriptions of the paint colors you are considering for your house. You must see it!
Ma Morton

Melinda said...

I have not seen it; which is totally surprising since I LOVE Cary Grant! I will definitely track this one down.

Thanks so much for your other comments/compliments. I would love to know more about your experience with your house in Mississippi.

You should start your own blog. You are so crafty and have so many great ideas. My favorite thing in your house was the mantle in your bedroom with the scripture written on it. Everytime I see a mantle, I think of it and then of course you!

Amalie said...

I have had soooo many people tell me to watch that movie-- I think it's time to finally knuckle down and rent it this weekend.

Yards are always fun-- even if you can't work on the house, it's like putting pretty wrapping and a fancy bow on a present; it makes it look so pretty and you can pretend that everything's ok on the inside! We got uber focused on our inside; I wish we'd have stepped away from it long enough to focus on the outside for a while.