Friday, August 1, 2008

HGTV and false expectations

HGTV's If Walls Could Talk is one of my favorite television shows. I love peering into other people's old homes and seeing how they live; and, I absolutely love the stories behind each and every one of the voyeurism (as many of you would call it) at its best.

However, I think I am going to have to stop watching this stupid show. All it does is offer up a false sense of hope and delusional expectations. I watch this show almost daily and ooh and ahh over all the fortunate findings these homeowners have.

I compare it a lot to a romance novel or chick flick...if you read or watch too many of them, you erroneously expect your spouse to conduct himself just as the fictional character(s) you have fallen head over heels for - then, you wake-up and realize this is the real world: Men don't really act like that and people like me don't find thousands of dollars worth of stuff lying around in their house.

I just knew while digging around the house over the past week, by way of gardening and working on a new water line, we would turn up some great "treasure." I really didn't even care if it had any monetary value or not. All I wanted was something that pointed to the history of the house...a stethoscope, a scalpel, skeletal remains (gross I know, but after the initial shock it might have been kind of cool - it definitely would have made for a great story!); but what did I find? NOTHING! Nothing but a little plastic man, shards of glass, and more concrete.

The really sad thing is: I am still holding out hope. We still have a lot more digging to do and a whole lot more concrete to pull up; so maybe, just maybe, my "treasure" is still out there waiting to be found. (I REALLY need to lay off the HGTV!)


USANDCO said...

Oh Melinda, never give up hope! If Antiques Roadshow ever makes it's way to OK you should take your little plastic man. It could be a Pre-Colombian, early resin compound of an obscure warrior god worth as much money as the $20,000 Buffalo Bill Wild West Play Set.

Some call me an optimist.

Keep digging!

Ma Morton

Amalie said...

I so thought we'd hit a jackpot-- there was a mysterious box in the garage loft with books in it. Adam got them down while I was gone and told me it was a set of 1920s encyclopedias, which I thought was pretty exciting. Come to find out, he'd somehow missed the "L" in the Roman numeral publication date. They were the same stupid encyclopedias from the 70s that I had as a kid. From the same stupid grocery store. Same stupid edition. It wasn't even DIFFERENT stupid 1970s encyclopedias.

Stupid expectations.

ankur said...

I also love this show.Its very near to the reality and is very joyful.

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