Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All things Fair

I realized today I have not posted anything in over a week...very unlike me. To be quite honest though, we have not done a thing on the house. I keep going back and forth on the shingles for the roof, which was fine while it was raining; but now that the rain has ceased and I continue to waffle over the decision...well, it kind of slows things down (or brings them to a halt in our case).

Anyway, we, as a family, have been keeping ourselves busy in other ways. Our "big" town fair was this past weekend. It is weekends like these that make me love living in a small town (something very hard for me to admit being a big-city-girl and all). It's almost like taking a step back in time, if you will.

The weekend is officially kicked off by a children's parade where Main Street is blocked off, school is let out early and many of the kids dress up and parade down the street while parents, grandparents, and the kids who chose not to dress-up (mainly the older ones) cheer them on from the sidewalks. The parade is then followed by "Fair Games" with events such as sack races, leap frog, bike races and turtle races; and then the actual fair is later that night.

Parents and children alike love the fair weekend. For kids it is a time to ride rides, eat funnel cakes, and play games; and for the parents, not only is it time spent with the kids but it is a time to socialize with neighbors and friends and a time when many get to show off their skills as they are able to enter contests such as baking, canning, sewing, photographing, wood working, painting, etc. I am always impressed with the talent and the know-how that lies within this little town.
For more reading on the town fair you can visit our family blog site.

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