Friday, August 15, 2008

Reach out and touch someone

We got new cell phones the other day, which is not something I would normally blog about. However, it just so happens that the lady who runs our local cell phone store was one of the previous owners of our home.

Besides providing a much better cell phone service, she also informed me that while living here the original residents/builders of the house stopped by for a visit one morning (she thought they were attending a high school reunion). She told me they had said that the front room (our living room) was their music room. They had a piano that they could hear from the front porch. So one person would play and the others would sing and dance outside on the porch. The church next door to us apparently had a problem with that because supposedly they complained about it constantly and thought the family was hell-bound.

Now whether this story is true or not, I have no way of knowing. I asked our cell phone lady if she had any type of contact information for them. She said she would look but upon my further research it looks as if all the children have passed away within the past few years. I bet some of those said church members were a little surprised to see their faces at the Pearly Gates.

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Amalie said...

There's always good info lurking in a small town!

We found out one of our previous owners was living in the town we were moving from; then we found out she died a week before we closed. :(